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YC Tan's profile

Name: Tan Yin Chuan Daryl
Birthday: 10th Nov 1981 (Scorpio)
Age : 19
Interest : Anime, videogames, drawing, learning Japanese, martial arts etc etc....

Favourite food: Fried Hokkien Noodle, KFC, a lot of others....

Favourite colour: Green, Black

Favourite PS game: Tokimeki Memorial 2
Favourite PS2 game (as of 24/11/2000): Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore
Favourite PC game: Master of Orion 2

Currently playing PS game: Super Robot Wars Alpha, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Currently playing PS2 game: Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore, Monster Farm
Currently playing PC game: Baldur's Gate 2

PS games that I'm waiting for: None at the time
PS2 games that I'm waiting for: Tokimeki Memorial 3, Final Fantasy X, Silent Hill II, Devil May Cry, Onimusha 2
PC games that I'm waiting for: Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan ONLINE (ӹȺb ONLINE)

Recent activities: Learning Tai Chi, drawing, writing TM2 fanfic, learn Japanese while playing games.

Words from YC Tan: (will be entered when I feel like it =P)

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