Here's some links to interesting places. Feel free to visit them.

Anime Links
Anime Turn Pike (with links to almost any anime you could think off. Sort of like a "Game FAQs" for Anime. Fantastic site. )
European Mirror Site is HERE

Playstation Links
GamesFAQ - www - A site where you can find stuff for almost any game. Really !
The Gaming Intelligence Agency - for the latest news on upcoming games and walkthroughs - A videogame site.

Links to other Places
Anglican High School's St. John Ambulance Brigade Home Page - "One must always remember one's roots when he succeeds". This is the link to my old school's SJAB Corp.
Glenn's Anime Page - Hsien Min's( Glenn ) site : got Sailormoon and KimagureOrange Road stuff
Noriko Sakai's Page - Another friend, Zemin's Page. Quite well done.
Yahoo Club: Manga creations by Singaporeans. - where I'm a honorary founder over there.