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Announcement: Webmaster is currently serving his NS (National Service) and can only access his computer when he return home every weekend, so updates will be much slower.

Added one new pic.

Added 2 new pic.

Added new pic. Been busy leveling up in Jin Yong ONLINE, a Taiwanese online RPG based on the works of the Chinese sword-fighting novelist Louis Cha.

Added an new pic. Mirror site created at http://www.geocities.com/yctan11/

Added an new pic. Updated personal info a bit.

Added an omake pic hehe~

Added 2 new pics.

Added 3 new pics: a fan art and 2 pieces for a monthly theme. SIP's ending soon.....

Added an omake pic.
Omake: "extra" in Japanese.
Omake pic: pics that I draw for fun/testing out new stuff/ not on serious mood. Have a alphabet attached to the end of the normal two digit counter.

Added the Valentines day pic.

Added the Chinese New Year Pic.

First pic of the century added=P
Also made an inverted version so that it could be placed side by side with the last one.

Last pic of the century added=P
Also placed it on the main page.

The Anime Dimension is slightly revived.
Name is changed to "Tan no Omake Dimension", since there isn't any PS stuff here, and the page is not dedicated to anime anyway.

Note that this 'change' does not signify the re-opening of the page. I'm still as lazy as ever, so I still might not do updates (let alone regular ones)
Perhaps when I'm truely bored....

""Koko wa Tan kun no ryouchi desu"

Any stuff you want to say to me, any criticism etc, just mail me :
Tan Yin Chuan Daryl

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