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My Arts and Sketches (tentatively)

This page is supposed to contain the sketches and stuff that I drew. Currently, there's only thumbnails. No comments yet, and the positioning is horrendous....well, when I feel really bored, I might improve them. =P
Oh, and if you're wondering why the 'thumbnails' are loading so slowly, here's the reason:
They are NOT thumbnails. They're the actual images, but being resized by using the HTML height attribute. Well, I did say I was lazy, so I didn't bother to make thumbnails. That'll come later.
If this page under goes the usability test, it'll be graded (in my own words): extremely unusable piece of trash ...

Hinomoto Hikari (Tokimeki Memorial 2)
Minaduki Kotoko (Tokimeki Memorial 2)
Manga style Self-portrait that doesn't resembles self. =P
Shirayuki Miho(Tokimeki Memorial 2)
Yae Kaori (Tokimeki Memorial 2)
Yae Kaori (Tokimeki Memorial 2)
A Girl by the pier? Badly drawn background =P (Original)
Nure Onako (Jigoku Sensei NuuBee). The Youkai(spirit) of rain and water
Rena Lanford (Star Ocean: The Second Story)
The original version of the one in the main page.
The original version of the second one in the main page.
Chinese New Year Pic. Yah, I know the words very ugly, but I don't know calligrahpy, so what to do? *shrug*
Self-consolation/delusion pic for Valentines Day. Arms looks too long....
Omake pic. This one looks bad. I know.
Sakura Taisen Fan art.
An attempt at an aerial perspective. Of course, it's a girl in her yukata during Natsu Matsuri.
Just felt like drawing.....
Just felt like drawing.....again.
Practice on character's posture
First try at an animal.
Second try at an animal (well... a bird anyway) and scenery.
Got inspiration after playing too much Jin Yong ONLINE. =P

Sakura Taisen Fanart.
Trying to capture the feeling of separation. Hands seems to have some problems.
Last pic before enlistment into NS. Poses are copied from a particular frame from a particular manga. T_T

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